Recipe Conception

People are always asking me how I come up with my recipes.  I realize it’s inconceivable for most people to understand how would come up with my recipes.  One customer asked me if I lay awake at night and thought them up.  The answer was YES!  I do!


I like to take a recipe I already like and start imagining how much better it could be with chocolate in it.  Then I start experimenting.  Sometimes this could take me several attempts before I get just the right combination of ingredients with the chocolate.  Adding the chocolate will indeed cause an alteration of the flavor so most times the other ingredients must be adjusted accordingly. 


I have so many recipes I want to try with chocolate but not enough time to get to them.  Out of the recipes I want to try I always stop to think if it is something I could produce in volume; if it were something the public would buy; if it were going to be cost effective to produce.  If any of those questions have a “NO” to them, I usually don’t go forward with them in the test kitchen, as my time is so limited that I must concentrate on the items that generate good business practices.


Once my product hits the market, sometime down the road, I decide that I’d like to make it even better than it is and I determine how I would do this……unfortunately, I have never had time to do this.  Recently, however, I’ve decided to make this one of my priorities.


Just a few of the dishes using my prodcuts that I am currently working on:


     Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops

     Breaded Chicken Cutlets

     Cilantro Lime Crema


Maybe by the next Blog post, I’ll have these ready to post on my website.





 Balsamic, Pork Chips, Cilantro


One response to “Recipe Conception

  1. Donya,

    Most of my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night as well! I think when we are resting, and not working about the day to day activities we are involved in, our mind has a chance to explore deep inside of our subconscious and pull out what we have hidden there.

    And of course, when buyers ask me about Malcolm’s humorous Redneck labels, I tell them he doesn’t sleep much either!!

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