The legendary French master chef Auguste Escoffier once said, “Stock is everything in cooking.  Without it, nothing can be done.”  In this modern day of convenience, many kitchens that no longer do their own butchering use commercial chicken or beef bases in lieu of stock.  Some discriminating home cooks still observe the stock ritual to maintain high-quality cuisine, not mention healthy.

There are four main types of stock:

Brown:  Made from oven-browning beef marrow and other bones (and often veal) before adding to water with vegetables, herbs, spices, and sometimes dry wine.

White:  Blanched veal (frequently a combination that includes poultry and beef bones) bones form the basis for this light stock.

Chicken:  Obtained from simmering poultry wings, backs, and necks with vegetables and seasonings.  Dry white wine is often an ingredient in my kitchen!

Fish:  Quicker and simpler to prepare, it is derived from poaching fish, and frequently bony parts as well, in seasoned water with dry white wine.

Meat RubsIf my stock will be used in a dish I wish to have a hint of chocolate in, I use my dark chocolate double meat rub in the stock while simmering the stock makings.

cube stockTo freeze your stock, simply remove congealed surface fat from chilled stock, place in containers leaving head space before sealing and freeze.  It’s convenient to freeze some of the stock in ice cube trays, then cubes can be used as needed.  Once the cubes are frozen, transfer them to ziplock freezer bags.


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