Dark Chocolate Spicy Meat Rub in Coffee Bark?


Cyndi and Rob

It began innocently enough. Making peppermint bark started out as a tradition of home-made gifts to give to family and friends. It was when Cyndi Arno began receiving requests to make it for others to give as home-made gifts, that her husband began encouraging her to market her bark.

She then learned of a fund-raiser, “Death by Chocolate”, where she brought over a thousand samples for attendees to taste. It’s put on by the Rotary Club and 25 local chefs, with different categories and chocolate galore. She went home with two awards that night, the most exciting being 2nd place with the Peoples Choice!

I met Cyndi while doing a demo of my products for a store in Sun Valley, Idaho.  She and her husband were shopping.  They were intrigued with my line of products and decided to stop and sample the goodness.  Cyndi engaged me in a lengthy conversation about business and we traded business information.  Since that time we have shared information and traded product (I’d be crazy to pass up her bark!).  I have watched her business grow in leaps and bouncoffebk_closeupds.  She had many requests from her customers to come out with a spicy bark.  Cyndi is not new to the world of business; when her customers talk, she listens.  Having had Donya Marie’s Dark Chocolate Spicy Meat Rub before, she decided to give it a try in her bark.  The result was her “Hot Coffee Bark” and I’m here to tell you, that even I was skeptical!  Can you believe that coming from me!  When I tasted it, it was like coming home to Donya Marie’s!  WOW.  She has another winner!

The Hot Toffee Bark is for those coffee lovers who like everything hot. It has a rich thick layer of Guittard dark chocolate, topped with Guittard white chocolate that is blended with lightly broken fresh dark roast coffee beans and coffee flavoring, but also a dash of hot sauce flavoring that is specially made for chocolate. Then topped with a generous sprinkling of slightly broken rich dark roast coffee beans. This is a bark that bites.

Arno BarkWhat sets Cyndi’s bark apart from others is giving each flavor chocobark_manya crunchy topping that matches the flavoring of the respective bark.  This gives a texture that makes it impossible not to get each morsel of flavor out of the bark rather than letting it partially melt and then swallowing before you’ve had a chance to benefit from all of the flavors married together with the chocolate.  It serves to enhance the chocolate experience.


One response to “Dark Chocolate Spicy Meat Rub in Coffee Bark?

  1. Where can I buy the products, the sauces and salad dressings? I purchased them in Arizona @ the restaurant which I understand has closed.

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