Bacon Breakfast Pizza (gluten free)

When I have a day off I like to eat out and have other people wait on me.  I do NOT like to cook at home!  I cook all week in my restaurant and I certainly don’t want to come home and spend more than 5 minutes in my kitchen.  Nor do I like anyone else in my kitchen because they never clean up to my standards.  If I have company, they either eat at the restaurant or I take food from the restaurant home for them to eat and the prep time / clean up time is minimal.

My daughter and grandson visited briefly overnight (my favorite kind of visit from anyone) and when they left, Jason and I were hungry for super.  Being gluten intolerant, I am very limited on what I can eat as my gut is still in the healing mode.  Salads have become a thing of the past for me…..I am sick to death of them!  I’m on to grass fed meat and potatoes now.  Eating out has many challenges for me as there are very few restaurants that have a gluten free menu, especially in smaller communities. 

Because I don’t cook at home anymore, I keep very few ingredients at home.  This particular evening was a challenge to come up with something that was not only good, but something I too could eat, Jason would like, and I had the ingredients for!  This pizza was a sure keeper, and I’ll definitely be making it again, very soon.  But it could not have been done without 3 very key ingredients that I was fortunate enough to have on hand……Gluten Free Pizza Dough from Gluten Free Creations Bakery in Phoenix, Arizona, and grass fed bacon from Homestead Natural Foods in Middleton, Idaho.  The egg on top is of course optional and may sound yucky, but it sure did add a wonderful twist!

 You can of course make this with a GLUTEN crust and it would be even better!

 Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Donya Marie’s Dark Chocolate Marinara Sauce

Green Chili

Grass Fed Bacon

Gouda Cheese

2 organic fried eggs (hard) in bacon grease

 Bake at 400 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.

 Enjoy the chocolate journey!


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