Chocolate Mashed Potatoes w/bacon grease! (gluten free)

I’m still quite limited to the amount of vegetables I can eat.  Potatoes are OK if I don’t over do it.  Not over doing it on potatoes is HARD!  I love potatoes!  I threw this beauty together the other day to go with me grass-fed pork loin that I fried in grass fed bacon grease.  It is worth sharing and it IS worth making!  But, if you don’t like the chili oil idea you can always use plain olive oil or any other flavor you wish.  Just be creative! 

Worried about the fat content, i.e., what the fat will do for your health?  Don’t be.  I’d give you the whole run down on good fats vs. bad fats, sort of the “come to Jesus talk”, but you might, just as my family and friends do, say that I preach too much.  So, with that said, just send me an email and I’ll share some good links with you so that you can make informed decisions on good / bad fats.  You be the judge.  Further, if you are worried about gaining weight because you are eating animal fats….just ask me how much I weigh and how much weight I’ve lost by eating good fat.

2 lbs organic new potatoes (unpeeled)

1 lb grass fed bacon (save the fat)

1 medium onion (sauté in bacon fat)

3 Tblsp Extravagonzo Red Chili infused olive oil

1 Tblsp Celtic sea salt

1 tsp black pepper

1 Tblsp garlic powder

1 tsp Donya Marie’s Dark Spicy Chocolate Meat Rub

Boil potatoes.  Fry bacon (crispy).  Sauté onion in bacon fat.  Once potatoes are done, drain, and mash with potato masher.  Add the rest of the ingredients and enjoy!


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