The Ultimate Chocolate Dream – Chocolate Triffle

Authored by Robert Lobitz – Any true chocolate lover knows that the year 1828 was one of great historical significance. This was the year that the cocoa press, which removed the cocoa butter and solidified chocolate, was made. This in turn caused a snowball of delicious and wonderful evolution in the candy world such as milk chocolate by French and Swiss producers. It was through this that the creation of Ganache was achieved, which is basically taking cream and solid chocolate and melting them together. The significance of Ganache is great. This velvety and smooth mixture is the core of what makes chocolate truffle so delicious.

The truffle, a predominant staple of elegant food delivery services, is at the heart of any true chocolate addiction, and when it comes to recipe books no food artist is complete without having one fantastic recipe for a good chocolate truffle. Although food delivery is much simpler, there is something truly satisfying about making your own. Here is a simple yet absolutely delicious recipe for chocolate truffle you can make with ingredients you may have in your home now.


19.8 ounces of brownie mix

3.9 ounces of instant chocolate pudding mix

½ cup of water

14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk (1 can)

8 ounces of frozen whipping topping (1 container) thawed

12 ounces of frozen whipping topping (1 container) thawed

1.5 ounces of chocolate (1 candy bar)


1. You will want to prepare the brownie mix according to what the instructions on the packaging shows. Cool when complete and cut into squares one inch big

2. Next you will combine the pudding mix, water, and sweetened condensed milk in to a large bowl and mix until it has become smooth. Once this is done fold the 8 ounces of whipping topping until there is no streaks that remain.

3. Finally you will place only half of the brownies that you made into a glass serving container. Following this you will put half of the 12 ounces of whipping topping and half of the pudding over the brownies. Then repeat these layers. Shave the chocolate bar onto the top of the surface and then refrigerate for approximately 8 hours.

Whether making them yourself or getting food delivery from a service like chocolate truffles are the absolute dream of any true chocolate lover.


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  1. Miss you so much Donya.

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