Donya Marie’s Cookbook: apps; sides; mains

Cookbook 1 coverIt’s an odd thing, creating a recipe. I ponder, I wonder, I research, I read, or I do none of those things and just act! –Donya Marie Schweizer

If you were asked, “What are your three favorite flavors,” would chocolate be one of them? When you think of chocolate, do you automatically think of desserts: candy, cake, pie, cookies?

Now from renowned Restaurateur, Food Designer, Gourmet Food Manufacturer and Best-Selling Author Donya Marie Schweizer, learn how chocolate can become your flavor of choice in savory foods long before you’re ready for dessert.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at Donya Marie’s restaurants in Oregon or Arizona, or if you’ve purchased any of her professionally designed and manufactured foods, you know anyone who owns the new Donya Maries’ Beyond Chocolate series of cookbooks is in for a real tantalizing taste treat.

Donya Maries’ Beyond Chocolate – Appetizers, Main Dishes, Sides is the first in her series of unique recipe books featuring chocolate as a flavoring. It follows the publication of Donya Marie’s smash hit and best-selling book Donya Marie’s Kitchen Tips, a compilation of 721 food, preparation, and kitchen tool tips of all kinds gathered by Donya Marie in her years as a cooking and food design professional. Donya Marie’s ability to create unusual combinations of common spices to create uncommon flavors sets her apart from other professional chefs.

In this, the first cookbook of the series, you’ll learn how adding a bit of chocolate to almost any recipe will provide a deeper, richer flavor. Here you’ll find recipes such as:

• Sassy Fiesta Nachos
• Bread Dipping Oils
• Arroz con Pollo
• Original Chocolate BBQ Sauce
• Chicken Provence Stew
• Chocolate Sausage Tacos
• Fillet of Beef Bourguignnon
• Dark Chocolate Marinara Sauce w/Italian Turkey Sausage and Fettuccini
• Parmesan Crusted Chicken w / Chocolate Mango Cream Sauce
• Stacked Red Enchiladas
• Stuffed Poblano Peppers
• Sassy Fiesta Vinaigrette
• Citrus Glazed Carrots
• Roasted Broccoli with Garlic
• Cornbread with the Corn

And so many more!

More than 75 original, chocolate-infused recipes developed and tested in Donya Marie’s own kitchens make this series of books a must-have for any cook and a gift that will surprise and delight every chocolate lover on your gift list. (Available in both eBook and paperback on

Amazon Reviewers Say:

F. L. Gold, Ph.D.: I’m one of those people who feels totally lame in the kitchen … Having tasted her food in a variety of ways in the past, in a restaurant setting, at home after ordering her products, I can’t wait to start putting her ideas into use. Bring on the cook books!

Crystal: Finally Donya shares her secrets with us. I’ve witnessed her master the kitchen in different roles (production, catering, restaurants) and am now thankful she is sharing her tools with us.

Samantha: Excellent! Been waiting so long for this series. Can’t wait for the rest!

Order your copy of Donya Maries’ Beyond Chocolate – Appetizers, Main Dishes, Sides today! And register to be notified when additional books in the series will be available (instructions in the book).


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