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Donya Marie’s Kitchen Tips Now Available!

Donya Marie's Kitchen Tips

Donya Marie’s Kitchen Tips

Whether you cook a little or a lot, plain or fancy, healthy or hearty, for your family, just for fun or for a business, this is the one book you’ll use often. Organized in an easy-to-find format, Donya Marie’s Cooking Tips includes aclickable table of contents organized by category for quick reference to allow you to quickly jump to the help you need.Find out how to follow the example of this professional chef as you discover:

• How to get more juice from a lime or lemon
• How to soften butter quickly
• How to keep produce and other foods safe from spoilage
• How to blend spices for the optimal taste treat
• How to enhance beaten egg whites or pie crust with the addition of vinegar
• How to consistently make cakes more moist
• How to make your own cake flour or Bisquick® substitutes
• How to store and use stale breads
• How to prevent soggy or hard waffles
• How to substitute ingredients instead of running to the store
• How to use chocolate in ways you’ve never dreamed of
• How to save time using Donya Marie’s shortcuts and restaurant tricks
And so much more!

With this book, you can cook with skill, confidence, and pleasure knowing your cooking solutions are by your side whenever you cook. It’s the book you’ll reach for when you have a question or run across a new challenge in your kitchen.

Or just sit and read through it at your leisure to see what useful tips you can discover and try. Donya Marie’s Cooking Tips is a book you can simply pick up for fun when relaxing on the sofa. You can open it to any page in the book and just start reading. It will become your go-to kitchen tool.

Whether you’re just browsing or desperately trying to solve a vexing cooking emergency, every cook will appreciate this book.


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Chocolate Kale Delight (gluten free)

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